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Developing individual researchers

Leading and developing individual researchers When working with and developing individual researchers, you need to be clear on your strategy so that you make the right decisions in leading your team and your work in the right direction. Involve all team members in discussions and activity and seek out and use individuals’ abilities. The skill… Read More »

Advice on How to Become a Research Analyst

In any financial organization research and analysis is a critical function. This is to make sure that clients financial assets are invested appropriately. Therefore research analysts are hired to research and evaluate possible risks and possible returns and other financial transactions. Research analysts therefore are people who monitor market trends considering political, economic and controlling… Read More »

How to invest in stocks, when you don’t know where to start?

Investing in stock is a tricky business. Many investors have had situations where they do not know on where to start in investing their stock. This is where investors lack knowledge because the society does not champion investing in primary schools and secondary. A stock is an equity investment that represents part of the ownership… Read More »

Developing yourself as a principal investigator (PI)

The roles of the principal investigator are indispensable in the scientific research. The principal investigator is in charge of a team of research scientists who undertake a funded project under his or her stewardship. There are defined roles and rights of the principal investigators. He/she is charged with the management of the project and ensures… Read More »